IDO is well-known for its quality and well-developed design solutions. It all comes down to a team of talented designers from different national backgrounds. The bathroom has become an important place for people to relax, feel good and spend a little time just by themselves.


We’ve seen the evolution of bathrooms and we know our history, and what’s in front of us. We have a close relationship to our customers and we’re constantly adapting to their needs. When it comes to bathrooms, use your square meters wisely. It’s not something you change every week, or even every year. Your bathroom might be there for many, many years. Look for quality, style and functionality that lasts over time.



Ian Randle is the British designer behind our new shower collection. He loves Scandinavian design, its unpretentiousness and the desire to create products that are beyond the frivolities of fashion. Randle believes that a good product should function flawlessly, be innovative, honest and beautiful.


Randle respects clean and smooth forms. Leaving out unnecessary screw holes and choosing materials that support the idea and allows the design to simply being stylish. The bright glass options and the easy-to-grab handles gives the showers a nice final touch. 



Designer Scott Derbyshire created IDO Glow to be a modern series that honors IDO’s roots and shows how design and functionality are inseparable. For Derbyshire, the inspiration always comes from different places, depending on the challenge. For Glow, the inspiration came from the wintery landscapes, which for example can be seen in the Glow WC.


For the Glow furniture, a silver panel unites the whole series and gives it a modern feeling. And on the washbasins, the tap island is designed to leave more space for splashes and everyday functions. 



Kaarle Holmberg is an internationally renowned Finnish designer. In addition to product design, Holmberg has taught furniture and interior decoration design, and has shared his abundant knowledge with many students. Most of all he emphasizes the importance of quality in design as well as production.


Holmberg is a designer of practical advantages. Things like the double cistern and the Fresh WC stick have brought a lot of joy and functionality to IDO’s bathrooms. He respects light and clean forms and the idea of timeless products that will fascinate people for years and years. 



Norwegian Einar Hareide started his design career in 1985, at the Swedish car manufacturer Saab. In 1989, he transferred for a short period to Mercedes Benz, but returned to Saab in 1991. In 1994, he was appointed chief designer. A position he held until the end of 1999. Hareide currently owns his own multi-disciplined design company, Hareide Design. The company has offices in Moss, Norway and Gothenburg, Sweden.


Hareide Design has designed everything from furniture to automobiles. The company has won numerous international design awards and their products are at display at the permanent exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.



Italian-born Antonio Citterio opened his first architectural and interior design studio in 1981. By 1996 he had gained international recognition for his work in a number of praised projects around the world.


Citterio’s work is included in the permanent collections at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Pompidou Centre in Paris and the Museum of Architecture and Design in Chicago. He has given lectures at the Mendrisio Academy of Architecture in Switzerland and won several international competitions. Citterio has designed the ceramic series Pozzi-Ginori Easy and Fast. 



Swedish designer Fredrik Wallner manages the Stockholm design company CODE. Wallner has worked as an interior architect for IKEA and in highly reputed Scandinavian design and architectural offices.


As IDO in general, Wallner also likes it clean and simple. And when things are simple, they usually leave more space to play with. Wallner’s cabinets are surprisingly spacious. Combine that with stylish materials and – voilà!