IDO Today

Today people are more interested in interior design and home decoration than ever before. Of course, this also includes the bathroom. It’s an intimate space for the whole family, so giving it a personal touch is the most natural thing to do.


For many years, IDO has transformed bathrooms into the beautiful, modern and functional spaces that they are. IDO continues to develop superior products to inspire new thoughts, solutions and concepts, suitable for the Nordic conditions.


When planning a bathroom, always think about the different needs and situations, the user experience, how it will affect the environment and try to have a keen perception of every detail. This is where IDO can make a difference.


IDO is part of the international Geberit Group, one of Europe’s largest manufacturer of bathroom furniture and sanitary porcelain.


Our heritage

We’re extremely proud of our heritage, going back to the era of Arabia. The Arabia porcelain factory was founded in 1873, in Helsinki’s Arabia district. Soon, the factory also started producing sanitary porcelain. For decades, the Arabia factory was the only Nordic manufacturer of sanitary porcelain.


The demand for sanitary porcelain grew rapidly, and soon the premises at Arabianranta became too small. In 1969, the company built its new production plant in Tammisaari. The extensively automated factory began its operations under the name of Oy Wärtsilä Ab, Tammisaaren Posliini. In 2009, our Tammisaari plant celebrated its 40th anniversary.


The current name, IDO, was taken into use in 1992. The IDO brand quickly grew stronger, replacing the old, well-known Arabia brand.


Today the Tammisaari plant is one of the most modern sanitary porcelain factories in Europe. Even though there have been a number of changes in the production of porcelain along the decades, the basic principle remains the same: the most beautiful and durable bathroom products can only be obtained by casting or firing pure natural raw materials. The work that began over 140 years ago continues at full pace. This year our factories will once again produce hundreds of thousands of toilets and washbasins.


1873 The Arabia porcelain factory was founded in 1873 and it soon expanded its range to include WCs and washbasins.


1940’s After the wars, the manufacturing grew rapidly. Here’s a washbasin taking its final form.


1932 Arabia introduced Elo, the world’s first toilet with water supply attached to the toilet itself.


1969 Production grew and the factory moved to its current location in Tammisaari.


1970 Throughout the history we’ve always been innovative and followed the latest trends. The 70’s was the golden age of colorful bathrooms.


1992 The current name, IDO, was taken into use in 1992. The IDO brand quickly grew stronger, replacing the old, well-known Arabia brand.


2015 IDO became a part of the international Geberit Group.