We enjoy talking about quality. It’s one of our favorite subjects, to be honest. We’ve been working with bathroom porcelain for over a hundred years. In that time, we’ve been testing materials, trying out new innovations and most importantly: listening to our customers.


140 years of experience

We have over 140 years of experience in toilet manufacturing. All our sanitary porcelain products are made in our Tammisaari factory in Finland. Our bathroom products are made to last both time and use. But good materials are not the only thing that matters. Functionality is just as important as good looks. That’s why every single detail of our products is being tested. Products with substandard plastic parts, screw holes out of alignment or any other defect, will not make it to the market.


Modern manufacturing

Our production process is one of the most modern manufacturing processes in the world. All our products are checked by hand by experienced professionals. All our products are CE labelled and we’ve been ISO 9001 certified since 1994 and ISO 14001 certified since 1998.


Though the quality labels are great to have, the best source of information for designing bathroom products comes from the people who uses them. IDO is the preferred brand not only among end consumers but among professionals like plumbers and designers as well.

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

ISO certification is an international accreditation which is held by companies all over the world. Essentially this involves making sure that products and services are safe, and the quality is good. Having these certificates means that we work for both our customers and the environment.


Nordic Quality

Nordic Quality is an independent quality label that guarantees property owners and customers eco-friendly, energy-saving and reliable products. These products have been especially developed in order to meet the installation and function requirements applicable in the Nordic countries. They also ensure good overall economy over the entire service life.


Safe Water Installation

Safe Water Installation is a set of regulations drawn by the industry in Sweden to reduce the risk of water damage, the spread of legionella, fire damage and poisoning. The regulation covers both installers and products. The system includes authorization of plumbing companies and training for plumbers, foremen and others. The goal is to ensure greater safety and security for consumers.