Being a part of Geberit

IDO, together with many other brands, are all part of the Swiss corporate group Geberit. Our goal is to provide excellence in every aspect of our business.

Today, we operate in close to 50 countries all over the world, with a staff of around 12,000 committed employees. 

That means we’re a company with a lot of different talents and competences. For example, specialist with decades of experience, challenging and encouraging managers, graduates who has just started their careers, young students that are eager to learn and talented apprentices that will be tomorrow’s leaders and employees. To us, they’re all equally valuable. 

You can read more about Geberit on their local website.

Meet some of IDO's employees

Customer support

In customer support, it is our job to answer all the questions from everyone: private consumers, plumbers, wholesalers, planners, architects and other professionals who want to know something about our products, need spare parts, want to get help choosing the right product or how to install a product. Not two days are alike and we get the changes to talk to a lot of different people.


Product development

Working with product development is great, but often people can’t even see the changes because it might just be hidden safety installation, better glaze on the ceramics or small adjustment just to make the product easier to install. But of course, we always have new features and solutions in mind, even most people just can`t believe that a toilet can be updated so much.



Many thinks that marketing is all about advertising, but we actually do a lot more than that. A lot of our hours go by preparing seminars, newsletters, websites, fairs, supporting sales with presentations and brochures. But of course we do also make ads for print and online banners, focus on how we appear on search websites and much more. 


The daily work on the factory is to make sure everything works smoothly, and that we keep all our technology up to date and try to improve the flow of the products. Now days the robots do most of the hard work, but we have a lot of testing and controlling to make sure all products is perfect when they leave the factory.



Working in sales means meeting a lot of people every day, making sure the professionals know what is new and what makes us better than the competitors. We regularly have training sessions with plumbers and other professional customers who need to know more specific details of our solutions. In Geberit we have a large product portfolio covering complete bathroom and therefore we always have a lot to talk about.