Create the perfect mood with the right lightning and furniture.


Colors and options

Cabinets and their colors are usually the most visible part of bathroom decor. If you need to brighten up your room, choose colorful or high-gloss doors. If you prefer a more subdued style, take a look at our wooden cabinet doors.

A living material

The beauty of wood lies in its vitality. The appearance of wood may vary depending on things like the age and habitat of the tree. Therefore, the colors and patterns of the wooden furniture delivered to your home may differ from those shown in the catalogue or displayed in our showroom. Over time, wood may take on a deeper shade.


All about functionality

While colors and materials are naturally matters of taste, the layout of your bathroom furniture is all about functionality. The frames and fronts of our cabinets are made of moisture-proof materials, and we treat them with a range of moisture-repellent finishes to make them easy to clean. All our wooden furniture is finished with a coat of hard-wearing, acid cured varnish. Even though our furniture is fairly moisture resistant, long-term exposure to water should be avoided. For this reason, the furniture should be at a sufficient distance from the shower or bath. Always wipe off any splashes of water with a dry cloth.


Fully-assembled cabinets

Most of our bathroom cabinets are delivered fully assembled, which makes them quick and easy to fit. Most of our cabinets are designed for wall-mounting or to be placed against a wall. Optional leg sets are available for all models. We recommend you to use leg sets with our heavier cabinets, such as the 1,200-mm base unit and the 500-mm tall cabinet in the IDO Trend range.


Remember safety

Bathroom is a wet premise, which sets strict requirements to electrical appliances in order to ensure safety. Any electrical wiring should be left to professionals. An electrician will know which IP ratings are required of lamps and sockets in each area.


Your needs

Our furniture collection lets you really focus on the way you use your bathroom. We offer a wide range of different sizes and shapes to serve different purposes. For example, the narrowest base cabinets are only 50 cm wide, while the widest ones are up to 120 cm. And then there’s everything between of course.


As you sketch up your new bathroom plans, remember to focus on the purpose, look and feel. Even though you might have a rather large bathroom you don’t necessarily need the biggest base cabinet or the widest mirror to fill up all the space. Make your bathroom serve your needs. Furniture are often the most visible part of your bathroom.