A toilet is a long-term purchase, worth paying extra attention to. At its best, a toilet can be an aesthetically pleasing part of your bathroom. A lot of difference can be made just by the choice of the toilet seat.


Most toilets are used many times a day and therefore they need to be practical, stylish and hard-wearing. If you’re replacing an old toilet, you need to think about the existing plumbing. The easiest way to replace an old floor-mounted toilet is to pick a model that has a wide foot, which will hide any old screw holes. If you’re building a completely new bathroom, you have more choices.

Floor-mounted or wall-hung?

Our floor-mounted toilets come in many stylish and contemporary models. With our range of toilet seats, it’s easy to add color, style and personality. Wall-hung models are becoming more and more popular. And no wonder, wall-hung toilets are compact and stylish, making the bathroom easier to clean due to the open space under the toilet. Wall-hung models are as safe as the floor standing models, they also keep humidity away from the structures, so the risk of leakage is even smaller.


Pick the right size

Our toilets come in many different heights and depths. The taller models are especially well suited for tall or elderly people. Remember to leave enough space on both sides to make the toilet more comfortable to sit on. The minimum width is usually around 80 cm. Depending on the drainage solutions in your bathroom, we offer a variety of options to make it as functional as possible. Learn more about our different solutions and innovations, like Rimfree© and Fresh WC sticks, here.


Quality certified

Our toilets are Nordic Quality certified. This guarantees that when you buy an IDO toilet, you’re getting the best possible quality. The certification is also a testament to our fast and efficient repairs and parts service, which even covers discontinued models for at least 10 years. All our toilets are also CE approved.


Save water

Our toilets flush efficiently with just a small amount of water. A normal flush uses only 4 liters of water and the half flush in dual-flush models only uses 2.5 liters, although you can adjust the flush volumes to suit your needs. The smallest flush on a IDO Glow is less than 2 liters.



You can customize your toilet with features lite support rails and automated flushing. The availability of accessories varies from model to model.