The bathtub you choose should reflect the way you use it. If the tub is used by the whole family, durability and ease of cleaning may be priorities. If your bathtub is intended as a destination for you to soak and relax after a hard day at the office, you may prefer to base your choice on size, materials and comfort. Either way, all of our bathtubs provide an enjoyable bathing experience and are practical and easy to clean. 

Choosing your bathtub

If your dream is to soak your troubles away in a bathtub, now is the time to make that dream come true. Our wide range of bathtubs has the right solution for almost any bathroom. Our smallest model takes up less than a square meter (1400 x 700 mm), and our largest baths are big enough for two people to bathe in together. A built-in bathtub gives your bathroom an elegant look, but requires more space around it.


Pick the right model

Steel enamel is a safe choice that will endure even heavy wear. If you’re after long, indulgent baths and a touch of luxury, choose sanitary acrylic. Its surface always feels soft and warm, and any scratches that may appear over time can be sanded and polished off. If you want a built-in bath, remember to allow for an access hatch to enable maintenance and cleaning.


Where to place it?

Hot bathwater also humidifies the air in your bathroom, so make sure that your bathroom has sufficient ventilation. The waterproof sealant used in the walls and floor around the bath must be applied with extra care.