By taking a shower we bring a bit of luxury into our lives. A shower can wake you up in the morning, and after a long day’s work it soothes and washes away the worries. Choose a shower that you think will meet your needs, both now and in the years to come. And remember the old rule of thumb: always choose the biggest shower you can fit in the room.

Choosing your shower

Shower cubicle

Our shower cubicles have four walls, a sliding door, a thermostat tap and a shower set as well as a tray, which makes it the safest option in terms of waterproofing. The water will not splash on the walls and the floor remains dry, preventing the risk of slipping. The water pipes are hidden, which gives it a neat and tidy overall look. The shower cubicles come in different shapes and sizes to suit your requirements and taste. The trays have an adjustable foot and three adjustable castors, which makes installation easier on sloping floors. Shower cubicles stand on wheels, so they can easily be moved for cleaning purposes.


Shower enclosure

Sometimes the best solution is a lighter choice than a shower cubicle. A shower enclosure may have a fixed floor profile, keeping the water inside the enclosure, or it can be formed with the help of two doors. The doors open in two directions, so you can fold them inwards and out of the way when the shower is not in use. Some models are available with a tray, which helps to keep your bathroom floor dry.


A shower door is an excellent solution both for small bathrooms and larger home spas, where you need more than one shower. Choose between a sliding door, doors with fixed profiles or a folding door. The lightest option is a shower screen. If you have a small bathroom, the best solution might be a hinged shower screen that can be folded out of the way when needed. A fixed shower wall can be fitted with a floor profile or a bar for the shower curtain. When opting for a shower enclosure, door or screen, the gradient of the floor has to allow for sufficient drainage.


A) Shower screen

+ Excellent choice for small bathrooms

+ Fixed or folding screens are available

+ Suitable for bathrooms of any size

+ Can be fitted with a curtain bar and floor trap

- Water can splash into the bathroom


B) Shower door

+ Protects the bathroom against splashes

+ Both sliding doors and folding doors are available

+ A large choice of widths

+ Freedom in choosing the depth of showering premise

- Only fits certain shaped bathrooms


C & D) Shower enclosure

+ Many shapes and sizes, with or without a floor profile. The first is a more waterproof choice than the second, while the second is again more spacious and the doors can be folded in when the shower is not in use.

+ Shields the bathroom against splashes

+ Some models also available with a shower tray

+ The model without the floor strip is also suitable for the physically disabled

- Does not protect all the walls of the bathroom against splashes


E) Shower cubicle

+ Fully waterproof due to four walls and a tray

+ Protects the bathroom against splashes

+ Keeps the bathroom dry

+ A stylish all-in-one solution with mixers and showerheads included in a set

+ Many sizes

+ Can be turned into a luxurious steam room

- Needs slightly more space than the shower screen or enclosure

- Needs a bit more cleaning  

Shower solutions