You’re the one who has to enjoy being in your bathroom. Focus on yourself and your family’s needs, and don’t think too much about what other might think. We offer both round and more robust forms for washbasins and toilets. The furniture collection lets you decide between several stylish and modern options. For showers, we let you choose between different shower walls, doors and cubicles.

Try some color

When it comes to colors, remember that it doesn’t have to be all white. However, you’ll probably have to live with the colors you’ve chosen for quite a long time, so pay attention to the space and the furniture you’re using. Darker colors usually make small spaces feel even smaller but in bigger spaces harmony is required. Try starting by all white and add colors one step at a time. Go over the top, and get back to basics again. Use your imagination and you’ll see what amount of color you can add. Remember, you can always ask a professional for their opinion.


The right light

An important thing people tend to forget is the lightning. It plays a massive part when it comes to the atmosphere of your bathroom. In smaller bathrooms, you mostly do your daily regulars. Here, basic and practical lightning might be the best option. Bigger bathrooms however, are usually a place where you come relax. Here you might want to have a bit more atmospheric lightning as well.


A good bathroom has two kind of lights. We always recommend that you use ceiling lighting as the main source of light. A soft ceiling light turns your bathroom into a pleasant and tranquil space and is adequate when you just need to have a quick shower or a relaxing bath. Carefully positioned spotlights are essential when you need to see clearly. For example, in front of the makeup mirror or when sorting out the laundry. IDO mirrors and mirror-fronted cabinets are supplied with fluorescent lamps that imitate the color of daylight. So, when you look into the mirror, you see yourself in the right light. The LED lights at the bottom of the IDO Select mirror-fronted cabinets provide ample lighting for the washbasin, while consuming a minimal amount of electricity.


Dare to try

Remember not to be too afraid of trying. You can’t really mess things up, because after all it’s your bathroom. The only mistake people do when decorating their bathroom is that they don’t dare to do things differently. Remember, you can always go through your plan with the helpful staff at the IDO showroom.