The bathroom is an important part of your home. It’s the first place you go to in the morning and the last place you visit before getting to bed every night. That’s why you should really take your time when designing your new bathroom. A few hours with a professional is time well spent. Together you’ll create a bathroom that is stylish, functional and safe. 


How to plan your bathroom

What can I do?

When building a new bathroom, the possibilities are endless. Maybe you’re building a new house, and can decide on the shape of the room. Or maybe you’ve already planned the room and now it’s time to make the products fit in. The best way to start designing your bathroom is to draw the floor plan on a squared paper. Mark out doors and windows and start with the biggest elements, like the bathtub the washbasin furniture. Try to place the big elements in different corners of the room or on opposite sides, just to see what the room looks like. Of course, this is easier the bigger the room is.


Functional square meters

With a smaller bathroom, design becomes even more important. With the right furniture and ideas, even the smallest space can be turned into a functional bathroom. Always dreamed about having a bathtub? Adding a bath screen is a great way to save space. Find more inspiration on the page Different sizes of bathrooms.

Call in the professionals

You can do a lot of the preparatory work yourself, but you have to use approved and authorized professionals for things like electricity and pluming. A trained plumber knows how to get moisture barriers and floor gradients right. And by law, electronic appliances should be fitted by a certified electrician. A well designed and professionally built bathroom will serve you for years.


Plan your renovation

Start by deciding on whether it’s enough to replace the old WC and furniture, or if you need to rebuild the entire bathroom. Here are a few things to think about:

• Does your family have new needs?

• Do you want to install a wall-hung toilet?

• Do you need an extra washbasin?

• Do you need a bathtub instead of a just a shower?


Start drawing

Now it’s time to start drawing the floor plan on a squared paper. Remember to mark the locations of doors, windows and plumbing. The existing plumbing usually determines the locations of the shower and the toilet, but you have more freedom to arrange the other furniture. How much you can change depends on how you live. If you live in a house you might be able to change everything, but it’s going to be more expensive since you’ll need more professional help.



Stick to the budget

Last but not least, it is important to set a financial framework from the start. How much can you spend on the project? Since you don’t know all the costs you can’t be precise, but you can make an estimate. Remember to put a little on top of it, just to be sure.


When building a new bathroom there are often unexpected costs, for things like the floor, the walls and installations. The exact cost also depends a lot on how much work you can do yourself, and how much professional help you’ll need. Don’t forget to include the cost for your bathroom inventory in your calculations.


What do you like?

If you’re not sure about what kind of mood you’d like to create, try cutting out pictures of designs that you like from magazines. Study the pictures to find out what it is about them that appeals to you. Is it the color of the walls, the lighting, the materials, or the bold shape of the bathtub?


Try to find inspiration online and remember to visit showrooms. It’s the only way to really experience the elements and materials, and see if they live up to your expectations.