Smart Glaze

Our toilets and sinks feature a smoother glaze reducing dirt accumulating on the surface, keeping your bathroom clean. The new IDO Smart glaze reaches beyond visible areas: deeper into the drain section of the toilet, under the toilet bowl rim and inside the sink overflow opening.


Fresh WC Sticks

Some IDO toilets include the integrated Fresh WC Stick, which automatically adds an appropriate amount of refresher with every flush. The refresher stick is placed safely into the water tank, preventing, for example, children from tampering with it. Watch the video

Smart Sensor

The optional smart sensor provides touch-free flushing. All you need to do is move your hand over the sensor. Large flushes are performed with a slow motion and small flushes with a quick swipe.


Quick Release & Slow Close

IDO toilet seats can be equipped with the handy Quick Release & Slow Close hinges. The smoothly lowering toilet seat and cover are easy to detach during cleaning. Watch the video