Different size washbasin 


The smaller the bathroom is, the more you have to think about storage. There are several ways to make your tiny bathroom a real storage wonder.


Do you want a solution where the vanity top and the base cabinet are combined? Or do you want a mirror cabinet, instead of regular mirrors? A high cabinet can be a surprisingly good solution as well. With a high cabinet, you lose in width but win in height.


Showers are usually placed in a corner. If it’s a small corner you should look for shower walls that can function as a replacement for the shower curtain. Shower walls can be found in different sizes and shapes, and they are also very flexible to use. In very small places the best solution might be a wall with a narrow door and a slightly curved profile. The wall can be folded inwards and out of the way to save space when the shower is not in use.


Colors do a lot. In smaller bathrooms, darker colors can make the space feel even smaller. An all-white solution can give the space a totally different feeling. Small details can be added, but in these places a light, simple solution is often the best.


Choose a wall-hung toilet before floor standing if possible. Wall-hung model saves some space because the flushing mechanism is hidden inside the wall. Hanging in the wall instead of standing on the floor also leaves space underneath the toilet, making cleaning easier.

Small bathroom 


Medium and large bathrooms usually give you more options. But it’s not necessarily a question of space, think of all units (cabinets, washbasins, toilet, shower, bathtub etc.) as separate things, where a smaller bathroom often forces you to combine things.


You should always think about your specific needs and the purpose your bathroom is going to serve. Do you have children? Should there be one or two showers? Or maybe a bathtub? Is it there just for you, or will you have a lot of guests using the bathroom?


The question is, what do you want from bathroom? If you need to store things, you could choose a base and mirror cabinet. Placing two or three high cabinets side by side might also be a good solution. Decide on whether you’d like to have a shower wall with a modern design or a shower cubicle. With a bathtub, you can create your own home spa, if you have room for that. The best way to plan your bathroom is always by start drawing it on a squared paper. You’ll find a lot of inspiration in interior magazines, and if you have questions, you can always ask for a professional opinion.

Big bathroom