IDO Seven D 1500 rectangular bathtub

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IDO Seven D 1500 rectangular bathtub. Support frame, front and side panels included in the set. Weight 28.0 kg, volume 185 litres and depth 420 mm. Faucet can be mounted directly to the bathtub. Sanitary acrylic. Adjustable legs (45mm).

Operating and maintenance instruction
IDO-PB Seven D_Bathtub Asymetric-Corner_xxxxxxx_IP0014_105-17 (pdf)
IDO Seven D 1500 95351 Revit (rfa)
95351 (dwg)
95351_3d (dwg)
95351_front (dwg)
95351_side (dwg)
Support frame (dwg)
Support frame_3d (dwg)
Support frame_front (dwg)
Support frame_side (dwg)
Other documents
IDO-PB_DS_Bathtubs_180411 (pdf)
Operating and maintenance instruction Seven D Bathtubs (pdf)
DOP 17 badkar (pdf)