IDO Trevi 1700 rectangular bathtub

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Adjustable legs, adjustment range 35mm. Front and side panels to be ordered separately. Weight 46,0kg, volume 165 l. Enamel.

  • IDO nr.9400701001
  • Price (VAT 0%)789.38 €
  • ColourWhite (Frame color)
  • Size (mm)1695x695x525
  • EAN7391515412697
  • Weight44 kg
Operating and maintenance instruction
IDO Bathtub_Trevi_ 94001,94002,94003,94007_ IP00004_2017-12-12 (pdf)
IDO Enamelled bathtub (gsm)
94007 (dwg)
94007_3d (dwg)
94007_front (dwg)
94007_side (dwg)
94030 (dwg)
94030_3d (dwg)
94030_side (dwg)
DOP 17 - 969881000 (pdf)