IDO Glow cabinet for vanity basin, with two drawers

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Cabinet for vanity basin with two soft closing drawers. The cabinet is moisture resistant made of high-compressed three-layer chipboard with a front of MDF. Delivered pre-assembled. Antislip mat, drawer insert (only 90 and 100 cm) adjustable mounting fittings, water trap with flexible drain hose and basin waste with Pop-up valve included.

Operating and maintenance instruction
IDO-PB Glow_Base cabinet_96100+,96101+,96102+,96103+_000_114-17-2 (pdf)
96100 (dwg)
96100_3d (dwg)
96100_front (dwg)
96100_side (dwg)
96101 (dwg)
96101_3d (dwg)
96101_front (dwg)
96101_side (dwg)
96102 (dwg)
96102_3d (dwg)
96102_front (dwg)
96102_side (dwg)
96300 (dwg)
96300_3d (dwg)
96300_front (dwg)
96301 (dwg)
96301_3d (dwg)
96301_front (dwg)
96301_side (dwg)
96302 (dwg)
96302_3d (dwg)
96302_front (dwg)
96302_side (dwg)
e4 IDO Glow base cabinet 600 mm 96100, 96300 (gsm)
e5 IDO Glow base cabinet 900 mm 96101, 96301 (gsm)
e6 IDO Glow base cabinet 1000 mm 96102, 96302 (gsm)
e3 IDO Glow base cabinet 600 mm 96267 (gsm)
Other documents
IDO-PB_DS_Furnitures_180411 (pdf)
DescriptionIDO nr.Price (VAT 0%)ColourSize (mm)EANWeight
B=580 mm, B1=600 mm, white9610021101568.22 €White399x577x645641612938856322 kg
B=580 mm, B1=600 mm, oak9610062101568.22 €Light Oak (Frame color)399x577x645641612938847122 kg
B=880 mm, B1=900 mm, white9610121101590.07 €White399x877x645641612938876130 kg
B=880 mm, B1=900 mm, oak9610162101590.07 €Light Oak (Frame color)399x877x645641612938886030 kg
B=980 mm, B1=1000 mm, white9610221101633.78 €White399x977x645641612938857033 kg
B=980 mm, B1=1000 mm, oak9610262101633.78 €Light Oak (Frame color)399x977x645641612938858733 kg