IDO Trend cabinet for vanity basin, with two drawers

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Two push-to-open drawers. Upper drawer divided into compartments, depth 350mm. Lower drawer depth 400mm. Drawer inside divider available as an accessory. Water trap is included.

Operating and maintenance instruction
Operating and maintenance instruction Trend 97800, 97801, 97802 (pdf)
e1 Trend base cabinet 590 (gsm)
e2 Trend base cabinet 890 (gsm)
e3 Trend base cabinet 1190 (gsm)
IDO Trend 97800_01_02 Revit (rfa)
97800 dwg (zip)
97800 (zip)
97801 dwg (zip)
97802 dwg (zip)
DescriptionIDO nr.Price (VAT 0%)ColourSize (mm)EANWeight
B1=600 mm, white9780021001758.14 €White590x500x485641612958412525 kg
B1=600 mm, grey9780078001758.14 €Dark Grey590x500x485641612958413225 kg
B1=600 mm, black ash9780077001935.52 €Black Ash590x500x485641612958414925 kg
B1=600 mm, elm9780080001935.52 €Elm590x500x485641612958415625 kg
B1=900 mm, white9780121001853.25 €White890x500x485641612958416333 kg
B1=900 mm, grey9780178001853.25 €Dark Grey890x500x485641612958417033 kg
B1=900 mm, black ash97801770011,065.41 €Black Ash890x500x485641612958418733 kg
B1=900 mm, elm97801800011,065.41 €Elm890x500x485641612958419433 kg
B1=1200 mm, white9780221001891.52 €White1190x500x485641612958420041 kg
B1=1200 mm, grey9780278001891.52 €Dark Grey1190x500x485641612958421741 kg
B1=1200 mm, black ash97802770011,071.15 €Black Ash1190x500x485641612958422441 kg
B1=1200 mm, elm97802800011,071.15 €Elm1190x500x485641612958423141 kg