IDO Reflect flat mirror LED

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Flat IDO mirror LED fits to all bathroom interiors due to the mirrorlike reflecting outline. It has two LED lights which spread light in three directions. (1.10W/IP 44). 4000 Kelvin

Operating and maintenance instruction
Operating and maintenance instruction (pdf)
IDO Seven D mirror with lamp (gsm)
IDO Select mirror with lamps (gsm)
94619_3d (dwg)
94619F (dwg)
IDO Reflect LED Tasopeili Revit (rfa)
94619 dwg (zip)
94619P (dwg)
94620 dwg (zip)
94621 dwg (zip)
94619S (dwg)
94622 dwg (zip)
94623 dwg (zip)
94620_3d (dwg)
94620F (dwg)
94624 dwg (zip)
94625 dwg (zip)
94620P (dwg)
94620S (dwg)
IDO Reflect tasopeili (gsm)
94621_3d (dwg)
94621F (dwg)
94621P (dwg)
94621S (dwg)
94622_3d (dwg)
94622F (dwg)
94622P (dwg)
94622S (dwg)
94623_3d (dwg)
94623F (dwg)
94623P (dwg)
94623S (dwg)
94624_3d (dwg)
94624F (dwg)
94624P (dwg)
94624S (dwg)
94625_3d (dwg)
94625F (dwg)
94625S (dwg)
Other documents
IDO-PB_DS_Furnitures_180411 (pdf)
DescriptionIDO nr.Price (VAT 0%)ColourSize (mm)EANWeight
IDO mirror LED, 500 mm9461905201345.52 €500x900x2064161295914997 kg
IDO mirror LED, 560 mm9462005201352.29 €560x900x2064161295894416 kg
IDO mirror LED 6009462105201365.85 €600x900x2064161295894587 kg
IDO mirror LED, 800 mm9462205201399.61 €800x900x20641612958946510 kg
IDO mirror LED, 900 mm9462305201423.22 €900x900x20641612958947212 kg
IDO mirror LED, 1000 mm9462405201444.63 €1000x900x20641612958948914 kg