IDO Reflect mirror cabinet with LED lights

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Mirror cabinet, 2 glass shelves, 2 doors, socket on the left 230 V, IP44, 4300 Kelvin.

    Installation instructions
    3-17 (pdf)
    3D files
    IDO Seven D mirrorcabinet with lamp (gsm)
    IDO Seven D mirror cabinet (gsm)
    IDO Reflect Peilikaappi Revit (rfa)
    IDO Reflect peilikaappi (gsm)
    f1 IDO Reflect Clear mirror cabinet 500-600 mm 9362X (gsm)
    f8 IDO Reflect LED mirror cabinet (gsm)
    97920 (dwg)
    97920_3d (dwg)
    97920_front (dwg)
    98934_3d (dwg)
    97920_side (dwg)
    97920F (dwg)
    97920S (dwg)
    98934_front (dwg)
    98934_side (dwg)
    98934 (dwg)
    98934F (dwg)
    98934P (dwg)
    98934S (dwg)
    97921 (dwg)
    97921_3d (dwg)
    97921_front (dwg)
    97921_side (dwg)
    97921F (dwg)
    97921P (dwg)
    97921S (dwg)
    97922 (dwg)
    97922_3d (dwg)
    97922_front (dwg)
    97922_side (dwg)
    97922F (dwg)
    97922P (dwg)
    97922S (dwg)
    98935 (dwg)
    98935_3d (dwg)
    98935_front (dwg)
    98963 (dwg)
    98963_3d (dwg)
    98935_side (dwg)
    98935F (dwg)
    98963_front (dwg)
    98963_side (dwg)
    98935P (dwg)
    98935S (dwg)
    Other documents
    IDO-PB_DS_Furnitures_180411 (pdf)
    DescriptionIDO nr.Price (VAT 0%)ColourSize (mm)EANWeight
    IDO Reflect mirror cabinet 6009720005001499.00 €600x625x120mm(LxBxH)641612939327716 kg
    IDO Reflect mirror cabinet 8009720105001626.00 €800x625x120mm(LxBxH)641612939328418 kg
    IDO Reflect mirror cabinet 9009720205001633.00 €900x625x120mm(LxBxH)641612939329120 kg
    IDO Reflect mirror cabinet 12009720405001674.00 €1200x625x120mm(LxBxH)641612939331426 kg
    600 mm, 5,3W, LED9893405001590.91 €Aluminium600 x 550 x 12064161295736939.3 kg
    800 mm, 7,2 W, LED9792005001777.65 €Aluminium800 x 550 x 120641612957713416.5 kg
    900 mm, 8,2 W, LED9893505001754.27 €Aluminium900 x 550 x 120641612957370912.7 kg
    1000 mm, 9,1W, LED9792105001845.53 €Aluminium1000 x 550 x 120641612957714118.5 kg
    1200 mm, LED9792205001854.08 €Aluminium1200 x 550 x 120641612957821622 kg