IDO Reflect Spot mirror cabinet

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Double sided mirror doors. Two adjustable shelves. Reversible socket 230V.Transformer and LED-lights (1.6W/pc), IP 44. Light colour 4000-5000 K.

Operating and maintenance instruction
IDO-PB Reflect_Mirror Cabinet LED_94427,94428,94429,94430_000_121-14-2 (pdf)
Operating and maintenance instruction 94431 (pdf)
IDO Renova Plus mirror cabinet (gsm)
94427 (dwg)
94427_3d (dwg)
94427_front (dwg)
94427_side (dwg)
IDO Reflect Spot Peilikaappi Revit (rfa)
94427 dwg (zip)
94428 dwg (zip)
94431 dwg (zip)
94727 dwg (zip)
94728 dwg (zip)
94729 dwg (zip)
94730 dwg (zip)
IDO Reflect Spot mirror cabinet (gsm)
94428 (dwg)
94428_3d (dwg)
94428_front (dwg)
94428_side (dwg)
94428 (dwg)
94428_3d (dwg)
94428_front (dwg)
94430 (dwg)
94430_3d (dwg)
94428_side (dwg)
94430_front (dwg)
94430_side (dwg)
94728 (dwg)
94728_3d (dwg)
94728_front (dwg)
94728_side (dwg)
94729 (dwg)
94729_3d (dwg)
94729_front (dwg)
94729_side (dwg)
94730 (dwg)
94730_3d (dwg)
94730_front (dwg)
94730_side (dwg)
f9 IDO Reflect mirror cabinet (gsm)
94429 (dwg)
94429_3d (dwg)
94429_front (dwg)
94429_side (dwg)
94430 (dwg)
94430_3d (dwg)
94430_front (dwg)
94430_side (dwg)
Other documents
IDO-PB_DS_Furnitures_180411 (pdf)
DescriptionIDO nr.Price (VAT 0%)ColourSize (mm)EANWeight
IDO Mirror cabinet Plus 5009442705201559.52 €White500x240x635641612959147512.5 kg
IDO Mirror cabinet 500 with RCD and Power socket9442705701696.05 €White500x240x635641612959151212.5 kg
IDO Mirror cabinet 560 mm, white9442805201572.57 €White560x635x133x240641612958937314.5 kg
IDO Mirror cabinet Plus 6009442905201675.27 €White600x635x133x240641612958939716 kg
IDO Mirror cabinet, 900 mm, white9443005201894.98 €White900x635x133x240641612958941020 kg