IDO Showerama 10-5 800x900 Pentagonal Comfort

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The IDO Showerama 10-5 Comfort is a luxury shower cubicle, completed with integrated thermostatic mixer, adjustable hand shower, rain shower and a spacious shelf. Easy installation, including fixing claws and pre-installed aluminum profiles on the back glass. No use of silicon. Wheels and adjustable feet underneath the tray. The shower cubicle is tested and approved by Sintef according EN 15200:2007. Integrated hair trap in the drain outlet. Sturdy tray in resin stone and easy sliding doors. Low entrance height of 128 mm.

Profiles: white or aluminum. White pedestal with shower bar in chrome. Glass: clear glass or a combination of clear glass on the front, and frosted on the back part. Height: 2150 mm (inside 2000 mm); adjustment possibility from 60 to 85 mm.

Operating and maintenance instruction
967651000_00 (pdf)
IDO-PB Showerama 10-5 2018-06-11 (pdf)
i10-5 IDO Showerama cabin (gsm)
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Showerama 10-5 Comfort pentagonal 800x900 (zip)
Showerama10-5Comfort pentagonal (800x900) (3DS)
DoP18 Duschwannen 2021 (pdf)
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Other documents
IDO-PB_DS_Showers_180411 (pdf)
DescriptionIDO nr.Price (VAT 0%)ColourSize (mm)EANWeight
IDO Showerama front glass pentagonal, white profiles/clear glass, 800x900 mm558.205.00.2441.46 €White profile / Clear Glass1980x680x80402541089843236.5 kg
IDO Showerama front glass pentagonal, brushed profiles/clear glass ,800x900 mm558.206.00.2441.46 €Brushed / Clear glass1980x680x80402541089844936.5 kg
IDO Showerama rear glass pentagonal, white profiles/clear glass, 800x900 mm558.309.00.2366.06 €White profile / Clear Glass1948x680x80402541089857934.9 kg
IDO Showerama rear glass pentagonal, white profiles/frosted glass, 800x900 mm558.311.00.2366.06 €White profile / Tempered frosted glass1948x680x80402541089859334.9 kg
IDO Showerama rear glass pentagonal, brushed profiles/clear glass, 800x900 mm558.310.00.2366.06 €Brushed / Clear glass1948x680x80402541089858634.9 kg
IDO Showerama rear glass pentagonal, brushed profiles/frosted glass, 800x900 mm558.312.00.2366.06 €Frosted Glass / Aluminium1948x680x80402541089860934.9 kg
IDO Showerama shower panel Comfort, white558.131.00.1743.05 €White1968x290x140402541682442811.8 kg
IDO Showerama shower tray pentagonal, 800x900 mm558.403.00.2480.80 €White800x900x120402541089867841.3 kg