IDO Showerama 8-5 - Brushed aluminum

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Shower enclosure with profiles in brushed aluminum. Including thermostatic mixer, shower set, rain shower and integrated shelving.
Height 2220 mm.
Adjustability + 30 mm

Installation instructions
97-16 (pdf)
3D files
IDO Showerama cabin (gsm)
DoP 18 Showerttrays (pdf)
IDO Showerama 8-5 Revit (rfa)
IDO Showerama 8-5 dwg (zip)
i8-5 IDO Showerama cabin (gsm)
DescriptionIDO nr.Price (VAT 0%)ColourSize (mm)EANWeight
Shower panel, white/brushed aluminium4985018001709.18 €739411844954111 kg
Shower tray4988001809478.82 €White, white spoiler800 x 900739411844046333 kg
Shower tray4988001908478.82 €White, white spoiler900 x 800739411844047033 kg
Shower tray4988001909478.82 €White, white spoiler900 x 900739411844048737 kg
Frontpart4985011892419.95 €Matt silver profile / Clear Glass800 x 900739411844933634 kg
Frontpart4985011982419.95 €Matt silver profile / Clear Glass900 x 800739411844934334 kg
Frontpart4985011992419.95 €Matt silver profile / Clear Glass900 x 900739411844935039 kg
Frontpart4985111012419.95 €Matt silver profile / Clear Glass1000 x 1000739411844936739 kg
Backpart4985012891349.23 €Matt silver profile / Clear Glass800 x 900739411844945932 kg
Backpart4985112011349.23 €Matt silver profile / Clear Glass1000 x 1000739411844947337 kg
Backpart4985015891349.23 €Matt silver profile / Tempered frosted glass800x900/900x800739411844951032 kg
Backpart4985015991349.23 €Matt silver profile / Tempered frosted glass900 x 900739411844952737 kg
Backpart4985115011349.23 €Matt silver profile / Tempered frosted glass1000 x 1000739411844953437 kg
Front part49850269951990 x 550 x 100739151543480437 kg
Front part49850268951990 x 550 x 100739151543490335 kg
Front part49850169921990 x 550 x 100739151543491037 kg
Front part49851160121990 x 550 x 100739151543492740 kg