IDO Showerama 10-0

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Showerama 10-0 is a straight niche shower door. There is no floor profile which makes the shower easy to use also for disabled. The door is reversible, adjustable and has hinges which lift the door 7 mm when opening and closing so that it doesn't scrape along the floor. A niche profile is included in widths 700-950 mm. For 1000-1200 mm, two doors are used and they open both inwards and outwards. Adjustability +/-20 mm. The lower edge has a seal which keeps the water inside the shower. Suitable also for bathrooms with surface plumbing.

Profiles: brushed aluminium Glass: clear with six millimeters safety glass. Height: 2000 mm

Operating and maintenance instruction
IDO-PB Showerama 10-0_Shower enclosure recess_xxx_1675549_35-17-2 (pdf)
IDO Showerama straight (rfa)
i10-0 IDO Showerama niche shower door (gsm)
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Other documents
IDO-PB_DS_Showers_180411 (pdf)
DoP16 (pdf)
DescriptionIDO nr.Price (VAT 0%)ColourSize (mm)EANWeight
IDO Showerama 10-0, brushed clear 700059705190453.17 €Matt silver profile / Clear Glass700641612938022223 kg
IDO Showerama 10-0, brushed clear 750059755190453.17 €Matt silver profile / Clear Glass750641612938026025 kg
IDO Showerama 10-0, brushed clear 800 mm059805190453.17 €Matt silver profile / Clear Glass800641612938034526 kg
IDO Showerama 10-0, brushed clear 850059855190453.17 €Matt silver profile / Clear Glass850641612938038329 kg
IDO Showerama 10-0, brushed clear 900 mm059905190453.17 €Matt silver profile / Clear Glass900641612938057429 kg
IDO Showerama 10-0, brushed clear 950059955190453.17 €Matt silver profile / Clear Glass950641612938061130 kg
IDO Showerama 10-0, brushed clear 1000 mm059505190453.17 €Matt silver profile / Clear Glass1000641612938009329 kg
IDO Showerama 10-0, brushed clear 1100059525190453.17 €Matt silver profile / Clear Glass1100641612938013032 kg
IDO Showerama 10-0, brushed clear 1200059545190453.17 €Matt silver profile / Clear Glass1200641612938015435 kg
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