IDO Showerama 10-01

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Showerama 10-01 is a straight shower door which opens both outwards and inwards and can be folded away when the shower is not in use which saves space. There is no floor profile which makes the shower easy to use also for disabled. The door is reversible, adjustable and has hinges which lift the door 7 mm when opening and closing so that it doesn't scrape along the floor. The lower edge has a seal which keeps the water inside the shower. Suitable also for bathrooms with surface plumbing. Profiles: brushed aluminium and white lacquered Glass: clear, frost and half frost. Patterns in 900 mm width. Knob Height: 2000 mm

Operating and maintenance instruction
IDO-PB Showerama_ Shower doors 10-01,10-02, 10-4, 10-41_xxx_1675547_34-17-3 (pdf)
IDO Showerama straight (rfa)
i10-01 IDO Showerama shower door (gsm)
Other documents
IDO-PB_DS_Showers_180411 (pdf)
DescriptionIDO nr.Price (VAT 0%)ColourSize (mm)EANWeight
Showerama 10-01, Brushed Clear, 700 mm059701190445.73 €Matt silver profile / Clear Glass700641612938020823.1 kg
Showerama 10-01, Brushed Clear, 800 mm059801190445.73 €Matt silver profile / Clear Glass800641612938032127 kg
Showerama 10-01, Brushed Clear, 900 mm059901190445.73 €Matt silver profile / Clear Glass900641612938051228.9 kg
Showerama 10-01, Brushed Clear, 1000 mm059501190445.73 €Matt silver profile / Clear Glass1000 641612938007934.2 kg
Showerama 10-01, Brushed, frosted, 700 mm059701192445.73 €Matt silver profile / Tempered frosted glass700 641612939275124.1 kg
Showerama 10-01, Brushed, frosted, 800 mm059801192445.73 €Matt silver profile / Tempered frosted glass800 641612939265227 kg
Showerama 10-01 Brushed, frosted, 900 mm059901192445.73 €Matt silver profile / Tempered frosted glass900 641612939266929.9 kg
Showerama 10-01, Brushed, frosted, 1000 mm059501192445.73 €Matt silver profile / Tempered frosted glass1000 641612939267634.1 kg
Showerama 10-01, Brushed Semi-frost, 700 mm059701193445.73 €Matt silver profile / Patterned Glass700641612938021523.1 kg
Showerama 10-01, Brushed Semi-frost, 800 mm059801193445.73 €Matt silver profile / Patterned Glass800641612938033826 kg
Showerama 10-01 Brushed Semi-frost, 900 mm059901193445.73 €Matt silver profile / Patterned Glass900641612938052928.9 kg
Showerama 10-01, Brushed Semi-frost, 1000 mm059501193445.73 €Matt silver profile / Patterned Glass1000641612938008634.2 kg
Magnetic strip, 45 degrees for corner solution058478024.72 €73915154347670.5 kg