IDO Showerama 10-41

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Showerama 10-41 is a curved shower door which opens both outwards and inwards and can be folded away right to the wall when the shower is not in use which saves space. There is no floor profile which makes the shower easy to use also for disabled. The door is reversible, adjustable and has hinges which lift the door 7 mm when opening and closing so that it doesn't scrape along the floor. The lower edge has a seal which keeps the water inside the shower. Suitable also for bathrooms with surface plumbing.
Profiles: brushed aluminium and white lacquered
Glass: clear, frost and semi frost. Patterns in 900 mm width.
Height: 2000 mm


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Installation instructions
IDO Showerama 10-41 34-17-3 (pdf)
3D files
IDO Showerama Curved (rfa)
i10-41 IDO Showerama corner (gsm)
Other documents
IDO-PB_DS_Showers_180411 (pdf)
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DescriptionIDO nr.Price (VAT 0%)ColourSize (mm)EANWeight
Showerama 10-41, Brushed Clear, 700058701190432.75 €Matt silver profile / Clear Glass700 mm641612937922620.6 kg
Showerama 10-41, Brushed Clear, 800058801190432.75 €Matt silver profile / Clear Glass800 mm641612937943123.8 kg
Showerama 10-41, Brushed Clear, 900058901190432.75 €Matt silver profile / Clear Glass900 mm641612937959258 kg
Showerama 10-41, Brushed Semi-frost, 700058701193432.75 €Matt silver profile / Patterned Glass700 mm641612937934920.6 kg
Showerama 10-41, BrushedSemi-frost, 800058801193432.75 €Matt silver profile / Patterned Glass800 mm641612937945523.8 kg
Showerama 10-41, BrushedSemi-frost, 900058901193432.75 €Matt silver profile / Patterned Glass900 mm641612937961558 kg
Showerama 10-41, Brushed Frost, 700058701192432.75 €Matt silver profile / Tempered frosted glass700 mm641612937923320.6 kg
Showerama 10-41, Brushed Frost, 800058801192432.75 €Matt silver profile / Tempered frosted glass800 mm641612937944823.9 kg
Showerama 10-41, BrushedFrost, 900058901192432.75 €Matt silver profile / Tempered frosted glass900 mm641612937960827 kg
Showerama 10-41, Brushed Cross 900058901194432.75 €Matt silver profile / Patterned Glass900 mm641612937962227 kg
Showerama 10-41, Brushed Mosaic 900058901195432.75 €Matt silver profile / Patterned Glass900 mm641612937963927 kg
Showerama 10-41, White Clear, 700058701180432.75 €White profile / Clear Glass700 mm641612937919620.6 kg
Showerama 10-41, White Clear 800058801180432.75 €White profile / Clear Glass800 mm641612937940023.9 kg
Showerama 10-41, White Clear 900058901180432.75 €White profile / Clear Glass900 mm641612937956128 kg
Showerama 10-41, White Semi-frost, 700058701183432.75 €White profile / Patterned Glass700 mm641612937921920.6 kg
Showerama 10-41, White Semi-frost, 800058801183432.75 €White profile / Tempered frosted glass800 mm641612937942423.8 kg
Showerama 10-41, White Semi-frost, 900058901183432.75 €White profile / Tempered frosted glass900 mm641612937958528 kg
Showerama 10-41, White Frost, 700058701182432.75 €White profile / Tempered frosted glass700 mm641612937920220.6 kg
Showerama 10-41, White Frost, 800058801182432.75 €White profile / Tempered frosted glass800 mm641612937941723.9 kg
Showerama 10-41, White Frost, 900058901182432.75 €White / Frosted glass, frame900 mm641612937957828 kg
Showerama shower enclosure 10-41 Cross058901394600x440x170641612938844027 kg
Showerama shower enclosure 10-41 Mosaic058901395600x440x170641612938845727 kg