IDO Showerama 8-1

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IDO Showerama shower door model 8-1, equipped with sliding doors, is easy to install due to few parts the possibility to adjust to the floor and walls. Wall profiles have space for piping. One door is fixed, other slides on the profile. Door order can be altered. Well sized doorway. Adjustability +/- 20 mm.

Operating and maintenance instruction
IDO-PB Showerama 8-1_Extra profile_xxx_1675194_ 1-15 (pdf)
IDO-PB Showerama 8-1_Shower enclosure_xxx_1675189_127-13 (pdf)
Operating and maintenance instruction, brushed profile 0770881 (pdf)
IDO Showerama sliding door (gsm)
IDO Showerama 8-1 Revit (rfa)
IDO Showerama 8-1 (rfa)
i8-1 IDO Showerama sliding door (gsm)
IDO Showerama 8-1 dwg (zip)
1250 (zip)
1350 (zip)
1450 (zip)
1550 (zip)
1650 (zip)
1750 (zip)
Other documents
IDO-PB_DS_Showers_180411 (pdf)
DoP16 (pdf)
DescriptionIDO nr.Price (VAT 0%)ColourSize (mm)EANWeight
Brushed profiles, Clear glass4981032125913.52 €Brushed / Clear glass1250739411844978730 kg
Brushed profiles, Frosted glass4981036125913.52 €Brushed / Frost1250739411844981730 kg
Brushed profiles, Clear glass4981032135913.52 €Brushed / Clear glass1350739411844982431 kg
Brushed profiles, Frosted glass4981036135913.52 €Brushed / Frost1350739411844985531 kg
Brushed profiles, Clear glass4981032145913.52 €Brushed / Clear glass1450739411844986232 kg
Brushed profiles, Frosted glass4981036145913.52 €Brushed / Frost1450739411844989332 kg
Brushed profiles, Clear glass4981032155913.52 €Brushed / Clear glass1550739411844990933 kg
Brushed profiles, Frosted glass4981036155913.52 €Brushed / Frost1550739411844993033 kg
Brushed profiles, Clear glass4981032165913.52 €Brushed / Clear glass1650739411844994734 kg
Brushed profiles, Frosted glass4981036165913.52 €Brushed / Frost1650739411844997834 kg
Brushed profiles, Clear glass4981032175913.52 €Brushed / Clear glass1750739411844998535 kg
Brushed profiles, Frosted glass4981036175913.52 €Brushed / Frost1750739411845001135 kg
Brushed profile077088171.77 €Aluminium6070230317131001.3 kg