IDO Glow washbasin, round

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Washbasin with a rear shelf surface. Round design. Mounted with bolts or brackets. The washbasin is treated with IDO Smart, our easy-clean glaze.

Operating and maintenance instruction
IDO-PB Glow, Washbasin 11460 1156 11461 11561 11162-11167, 8826660000_2019-09-25 (pdf)
IDO Glow WB 600 mm round (dwg)
IDO Glow WB 64 round - 560 mm (rfa)
IDO Glow WB 66 round - 600 mm (rfa)
IDO Glow WB 560 mm round (dwg)
11164 (dwg)
11164_3d (dwg)
11164_front (dwg)
11164_side (dwg)
11166 (dwg)
11166_3d (dwg)
11166_front (dwg)
11166_side (dwg)
a4 IDO Glow washbasin 11164, 11664, 12164, 12564 (gsm)
a5 IDO Glow washbasin 11166, 11666, 12166, 12566 (gsm)
DOP 20 (pdf)
Other documents
IDO-PB_DS_Porcelain_180411 (pdf)
DescriptionIDO nr.Price (VAT 0%)ColourSize (mm)EANWeight
B=560, with tap hole, with overflow1116401101105.79 €White560x440x170641612910437814 kg
B=560, without tap hole, with overflow1166401101151.94 €White560x440x170641612910440814 kg
B=600 mm, with tap hole and overflow1116601101135.06 €White600x440x170641612937389714 kg
B=600, without tap hole, with overflow1166601101163.19 €White600x440x170641612937393414 kg