IDO Seven D floor-standing WC, raised, hidden multidirectional outlet, dual flush

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Universal floor standing toilet seat. Floor Drain (P trap). Integrated Fresh WC function. With screw holes in the foot. Fixing screws No. Z62052 are included. Model height: 460 mm.

Operating and maintenance instruction
970041000(00)_Flush valve TWINS_SLIM (Sign_Seven D) (pdf)
970224000(00)_FSWC_Installation Skruvar (pdf)
970227000(00)_FSWC_Installation Avstängningsventil (pdf)
c13 IDO Seven D 35611, 38611 wc (gsm)
969628000(05)_DoP10 WCs_IDO_V6 (pdf)
Other documents
IDO-PB_DS_WC_180411 (pdf)