IDO Seven D 91542

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Hard plastic seat with Quick Release and Slow Closing or fixed hinges.

Installation instructions
6-14 IDO WC Seven D, Seat 91533 91537 91542, 000, 6-14 (pdf)
3D files
c23 IDO Seven D seat cover (gsm)
DescriptionIDO nr.Price (VAT 0%)ColourSize (mm)EANWeight
Seven D -seat9154201001106.09 €White367 x 43464161293011802.48 kg
Seven D -seat9154210001106.09 €Light Gray367 x 43464161293012032.48 kg
Seven D -seat9154211001106.09 €Dark Grey367 x 43464161293012102.48 kg
Seven D -seat9154231001132.66 €Black367 x 43464161293011972.48 kg
Seven D -seat9154234001106.09 €Yellow367 x 43464161293012412.48 kg
Seven D -seat9154235001106.09 €Shiny Red367 x 43464161293012582.48 kg
Seven D fixed hinges, quick release and slow closeZ915420000163.65 €64161293012270.28 kg