• Where can I buy IDO products?

    You can contact our export department for all the details at the email: sales@geberit.com T:+41 55 221 62 00

  • Cleaning of materials

    Bathroom furniture and vanity tops should be cleaned with common houshold cleaning detergents. The detergent may not contain abrasive particles that could scratch or reduce the sheen of the surfaces.

  • Drain types

    Toilets are available with two types of drain connections. S trap: Floor drain. P trap: Wall or floor drain, connection with a suitable coupling.

  • Durability of materials

    Our bathroom furniture is moisture-proof. The furniture is produced from moisture-proof (P3) chipboards and MDF boards. Surface treatment varies from product to product, but we strive to ensure that all our furniture would be moisture-repellent and easy to clean. Bathroom furniture cannot endure long-term exposure to water. To avoid water damages, the furniture should be dried carefully as soon as possible after each use

  • Flush Quantities

    According to current specifications, the flush quantities in domestic housholds are 4 l and 2.5 l: dual flush. Flushing with 4 litres is approved for residential use, therefore the models with one flush option are factory-adjusted to the flush quantity of 4 litres. If a toilet is used in a restroom of a public institution, flushing should be adjusted to 6 litres.

  • Where do I find Fresh WC sticks?

    Please turn to our resellers.

  • How do I identify the models?

    Our products have a long lifespan. Over the years we have produced many different models, which can be differentiated from one another for example on the basis of the model of the flush buttons or the shape of the tank. First check if the toilet has a pull-button or press-button, and the model number. Each toilet has a stamped double-digit number that gives the model of the product. The number is either stamped or embossed. You can find it on the foot of the toilet.

  • How can I remove dark stripes from porcelain?

    The dark stripes appearing on the surface of porcelain, but especially on washbasins, are caused by the metal residues of various metal items, such as jewellery or tools. These marks that look similar to capillary cracks cannot be removed with normal cleaning detergents or by normal cleaning methods. The marks can be removed with silicone rubber, which you can buy from HEPAC stores

  • Toilet seat covers

    Toilet seat covers can be bought from our resellers. There are two basic types of covers. Soft covers feel warm and soft. The covers are shaped to follow the form of the porcelain, so they also feel robust. Covers of the second type are made from hard plastic with a surface durable to scratching and with hinges that hold the cover firmly in place. We recommend hard plastic covers and metal hinges for physically disabled persons. Our Seven-D hard plastic covers can include an optional slow-close feature, quick release or fixed hinges. Covers are available in a range of colours. You can find the colour choices in our brochure and price list.

  • Replacement of shower bearings

    Sometimes the bearings of shower cubicles and enclosures wear during use. You can buy new bearings from our resellers. Before you buy, check if the diameter of the bearing is 19 or 21 mm.

  • Smelling Drains

    Abnormal smell from the drain can be caused by a number of factors. Check that your drain is not clogged. If there is no clogging, some other problem in the drain or an installation error can be the cause. In these situations you should contact the house maintenance company or the installation business.

  • Warranty terms and conditions

    All our products come with at least a two-year warranty. Porcelain products made in Finland are warranted for 10 years and preinstalled flushing mechanisms for 5 years from the delivery of the goods. The warranty covers any design faults and defects of material and workmanship that emerge in two years from the delivery. Remember to keep your purchase receipt. Any transportation and installation costs shall be born by the client. The warranty does not cover faults arising from incorrect or inadequate installation, maintenance, use or repair or any other failure arising from a post-delivery error. The warranty also does not cover failures resulting from water impurities, or normal wear and deterioration. IDO shall not be responsible for the suitability of the goods to the application intended by the buyer.

  • Common sitting heights

    The current toilet seat height is 420 mm and the height of higher models 460 mm. Another height in use is the 400 mm of older models (Trevi toilet seats).

  • Ingrained dirt / flow marks in the toilet bowl

    Probably the limescale contained in the water has stuck to the glazing. Limescale is white, which is why it cannot be visually detected on white porcelain, but it still feels rough and easily gathers dirt. Limescale can be removed best with a detergent that is as acidic as possible (pH 2 or less). Empty the water trap as best as you can by either pushing the water towards the pipe, using a toilet brush or by removing the water with a container or absorbing it into a cloth. Pour the acidic detergent on the surface of the porcelain and let it affect for a good while. There are many types of detergents on the market, which all remove limescale. These include Saniteetti Teknoseesam, which is available in HEPAC stores and K-Rauta shops. Domestic vinegar is also acidic and can be used to remove limestone.

  • Where can I find suitable spare parts?

    Please contact our export department for more information. email: export@ido.fi